Tigger Room – 2 – 3 years

When a child in the baby room turns 22 months, they will begin what we call a stay and play session to the Tigger room. This is an hour and a half play session in the Tigger room, accompanied by their key person. This enables the child to get used to the new surroundings in the new room as well as the staff members.

The children transition to the Tigger room at the beginning of the month of their second birthday. This consists of a 4 week process to help them settle in to their new room.

The Tigger room is all open plan and the room is sectioned in to different areas. The boxes of toys have pictures on and are accessible to the children at all times. It is well planned out to ensure the children can use it flexibly and have a range of age and stage appropriate activities. They have tables and chairs which are set out and prepared at meal times as well as beds and mats for the children to have a sleep or rest. The Tigger room leads to a nappy changing area which also has two child size toilets and potties to assist parents in the potty training phase.

There are also double doors which open out on to a securely fenced, soft, tarmacked playground with plenty of space for the children to move freely and engage in a variety of activities. The doors are opened so the children can free flow between all activities provided both inside and outside.

A typical day in the Tigger Room
7:30-8:15 – Nursery opens. Tiggers join the Pre-school for breakfast and free play in the Pre-school room.
8:30 – Tiggers go in to the Tigger room for free play
9:15  – Good morning time, we welcome the children in and do self registration.
9:30 – Wash hands and snack 10:00-11:30 – Free play and adult led activities, free flow into the garden. Nappy changes if needed.
11:30 – Group time, Songs and stories
11:55 – Wash hands and lunch time
12:30/12:45 – Quiet time begins and set up beds
1:00 – Sleep time if children require. Quiet play for those not sleeping
2:30 – Continuous provision and physical play in the garden, free flow, nappy changes if needed
3:30 – Wash hands and Tea time
4:00-6:00 – Free play and table top activities , Nursery closes at 6:00

Pre-school – 2 years and 9 months to nearly 5 years

At Piglets we offer a rich and varied environment supporting children’s learning and development, we acknowledge that being outdoors has a positive impact on children’s sense of well-being and helps all aspects of children’s development. The indoor space is planned so that it can be used flexibly and with an appropriate range of activities provided and the children can also access the free-flow provision outdoors.

A typical day in Pre-school
7.30am  – Nursery opens. Breakfast time. Free play, good morning and key group time
9.30am – Snack time, free flow and continuous provision & physical time
11.40am – Song time/dancing, music and lunch time
12.30pm – Rest time/quiet time, stories and Story sacks, Continuous provision restarts
2.40pm – 4.00pm – Physical play (up the field) and tea time

We provide a range of different messy activities, for example play dough, gloop, porridge play, soap flakes, jelly, pasta these are just a few to mention.

We also have Hallett Photography visit when the children are due to go to school, where they take photos of all school leavers. We also celebrate Christmas with parties for the whole Nursery, where Father Christmas visits. The Children’s birthday’s are celebrated as well, with a cake and present.