Piglets is divided in to three base rooms:

Baby Room – 3 months to 2 years

Our baby room is light and spacious and has a very homely feel to it. The big open floor space is sectioned with units of toys, placed at the babies level therefore are accessible to them at all times throughout the day. There is a small fence with a gate which leads to the babies dining/messy play area. Activities are set up on the tables and/or floor throughout the day for the babies to explore and is cleared away, cleaned and prepared ready for meal times.  All resources within the room are age and stage appropriate, well maintained, monitored and rotated to provide a safe and secure environment for the babies.

The baby room leads to a separate nappy changing room where babies bags and boxes of nappies and wipes are stored. Also within this room is a ‘kiddy sink’, where the babies wash their hands after nappy changes and before meal times. Also, this room is equipped with highchairs and small chairs which a brought out into the dining area for mealtimes.

The nappy changing area leads on to our baby room sleep room. The sleep room consists of two rooms with a short walkway in between and has cots, freshly laundered sheets and blankets and any comforters the babies require. The sleep room is monitored by staff members at least every 15 minutes where they physically go in to the rooms to check on the babies. The amount of children and temperature of the room is also recorded every 15 minutes.

Outside there is a large decking area with toys and activities for the babies to free flow between the inside and outside environment.

A typical day in the Baby Room
7:30 – 8:15 – Nursery opens and babies have breakfast
8:15 – 9.15 – Free play
9:15-10:00 – Good morning time, singing and stories, hand washing, Snack time
10:00-11:30 – Free flow, continuous provision outside play, messy play
11:30 – Group time, stories and/or singing, hand washing before lunch
12:00 – Lunch time, quiet activities after lunch during sleep time
2:00-3:30 – Free flow, continuous provision play outside and inside
3:30 – Tea time
After Tea – Free play inside/home time. 6:00 – Nursery closes

The baby room routine is adapted to meet the individual needs of the children.